April Baker

April BakerApril Baker, wife and mother of two sons, is currently planning her latest exhibition. “It’s a display of charcoal imagery that stirs emotions lying dormant within”.

April describes her images as sentimental, happy and playful, with an inner source of energy that tugs at the viewer’s heartstrings. This is an apt description of her previous sell out exhibition “Loved Bears” which featured wonderfully emotive charcoal drawings of pre-loved teddies whose patched fur and missing button eyes tell a tale of years of love and devotion from countless children.

April Baker’s life as an artist is a tale in itself, one that has been heavily influenced by the history of her grandmother’s migration to
Australia in 1930. As one of the first stolen orphans transported to the colony as partof the Crown’s child migration scheme, April’s grandmother Joyce experienced cruelty and hardship as a source of labour on a farm in Western Australia at the hand of her carers. Despite a difficult upbringing and life as a single mother, Joyce maintained a passion for creativity that sparked the artistic flair that runs through the family’s veins.

With a mother who managed a successful career as an a la carte restaurant owner, gallery curator and papier-mâché tutor, April has been surrounded by sparkling examples of how to combine art with business. April raised her sons while working the family business, asserting that art has always taken a second place to life’s responsibilities. Lately however, with a degree in visual arts from James Cook University under her belt, April has felt more capable of devoting herself fully to her medium. Recent collaborations with her mother Karen and fellow artist Nicole McBride saw them tell the tale of Joyce’s life through papier-mâché, broken china and charcoal, representing Joyce’s ability to see beauty in imperfection.

“As a struggling mother, she had no money for fine things; if something became broken she would glue it back together, with care and love for each piece. Even though something was imperfect, it was still beautiful in her eyes.”

With an aptitude for business evident, April has harnessed the power of social media to garner awareness for April Baker Art. With Facebook, Made-it, Bubble-Page and Pinterest accounts, April has gained commissions and sold numerous works, expanding her business to include April Baker Cards. April is now considered a recognised artist who has sold works, exhibited and influenced people’s lives with her drawings. With a recent editorial in That’s Life!, April’s passion for business and art encourages her to continually evolve. “I can see how my work affects people’s lives, this is reason for me to continue my journey and add another chapter to my life.”

Chloe March

If you are interested in April Baker's artwork, visit http://www.colourinyourlife.com.au/gallery/my-art?user=581