High-tech Mariners

High-tech marinersAt the frontier of bringing Australian mariners into the future is Queensland based Foreshore Marine.

In an industry that experienced growth throughout the GFC and is expected to continue to grow as demand climbs, founder of Foreshore Marine Yulio Spadina stresses the importance of change: “With a background in building prior to marine construction, we understand that building practices change over time but tend to remain the same in marine construction.”

While the construction industry in Australia is experiencing annualised growths of approximately 8% as a whole, the lack of improvement in building practices staggers the potential for growth in marine construction.

Operating in an industry that has remained relatively stagnant for the past 30 years, Foreshore Marine utilises high-tech proprietary technology to change the antiquated building practices of Australian marine construction. Concerned with the design, construction and ongoing maintenance of marine structures and outbuildings, the team at Foreshore Marine works tirelessly to ensure the structural integrity of piers, harbors and wharves.

Headed by Yulio Spadina with 22 years’ experience in marine construction is a team of qualified experts that think outside the square to develop Foreshore Marine’s proprietary technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

As the marine construction industry continues to expand, the design teams at Foreshore Marine understand the need for high-tech marine piling equipment to ensure reliability and efficiency.

Foreshore Marine is an entirely Australian owned and operated company boasting zero outsourcing, with everything from design to construction done in-house and on-shore, ensuring the security of Australian jobs.

Foreshore Marine is striving to shape the future of marine construction in Australia, working with in-house specialists to provide extensive long term solutions.

Marine contractors have and continue to be an important contributor to the reconstruction associated with the 2011 Queensland floods, driving demand for all facets of the construction industry, particularly harbor and river bank repairs.

With experience in both the public and private sector, Foreshore Marine’s notable projects include collaboration with Mobil Oil to build shipping dolphins and bank stabilisations for local bays and rivers including Raby Bay and St Lucia and the construction of Queens Wharf in Maryborough.

Established in 2000 and specialising in marine construction and equipment, Foreshore Marine’s service offering includes pile driving, wharf and jetty design and construction, equipment hire and much more.

If you are interested in updates from Foreshore Marine, visit http://www.foreshoremarine.com.au/