Business Turnaround Specialist Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Business Turnaround Specialist Is Just What The Doctor OrderedBusiness Turnaround Specialist Is Just What The Doctor OrderedIt may appear on the outset that Marketing Eye doesn't need a business turnaround specialist, and to some degree we don't. We make money, we continue to grow and enter new markets and we provide a service that small business owners need.

In fact, things are going so good, that this week alone, we achieved $79,480 worth of sales through our use of social media networks linkedin, twitter and the company marketing blog which you are reading right now. Not bad for a 3-hour a week investment!
But yesterday, as I was speaking to a guru in business turnaround, I immediately took note that there is many things that I could learn from this guy who has more than 20 years experience, working all over the world, turning small, medium and large businesses around.

At first, like many, I immediately associated 'business turnaround' with a company that is in financial strife. It's often an element that leads a company to realise that they need help and that they have a problem, but it certainly isn't the only reason that a company may need a 'business turnaround' specialist.

Firstly, a good one is actually a performance improvement solution provider who uses strategy, capital and people solutions to take businesses where they want to go. A really smart operator, knows that it is people first that need to be the cornerstone of improvement in any business, and if a company offering these services doesn't understand that, then don't use them.

A combination of strong leadership, strategy, people and finance is paramount to creating a successful business. As a small business, if you don't have these things sorted, then maybe someone who can come in and transform your business can help you take your business from being a $2 to $10 million turnover business to a $20 to $50 million turnover business.

I for one am excited about working with people that have these skills. They bring to the table an outside perspective that you cannot get from working inside a business day-in, day-out.