How to connect with 7000 potential clients - B2B marketing

I am continually amazed by the number of professional services, technology, manufacturing and logistics companies that fail to see the value in communicating via social media.

The question I pose to you is "how did you find this blog?" and "how do you now know the Marketing Eye brand?" 

I know the answer - do you?

Social media has long been seen by B2B marketers as being "social" and while marketing directors and CMO's in corporations are definitely taking it seriously - in the small business sector, they are still finding their feet.

And there is a reason - time.

Entrepreneurs don't have the TIME to sit on social media nor do they see the value in hiring someone to do such a mundane task. Instead they choose to engage in social media in spits and spurts, then you won't hear from them again until they are sitting in some airport waiting for a flight or a little bored on a Sunday afternoon.

With two main accounts on LinkedIn accounting for 7,000 + connections, Marketing Eye shares with people who are connected to our brand everything from our company blogs through to achievements and our company culture. Sometimes we just share what we are doing although I don't think we have gotten to a #selfie stage as yet - not to say that may not one day come.

Just through LinkedIn, there is no reason not to send an email out to 100% of our connections whether they be prospects, clients, employees, former employees or other marketers and competitors. Obviously blank standardised emails don't work, but if you segregate your target audience and write something that they want to hear, then you will be sure to make an impact.

What you can do today to help generate more leads via LinkedIn:
It's fairly simple stuff, but it does work. Worse case, you will have more people clicking on your website than you had yesterday.