#Boost Adidas Experiential Marketing Campaign A Winner

I cannot believe my day yesterday.

Firstly, I woke up after having a decent nights sleep - something that has eluded me for the past week. Then, as I drove to work, I stopped off to grab a coffee and croissant from my favourite cafe in Melbourne. I dropped my car off at the office, and as I rushed outside the building to grab a taxi, I literally stopped in my tracks. There was so much traffic - bumper to bumper, and I had to be at the Lawyers office in 30 minutes. I panicked. 

It wasn't a great start to the day.

I looked around trying to work out what to do when a tram stopped right beside me. Without giving it another thought I hopped on. 

I have only been on a tram a couple times before and that was years ago, so I didn't quite know what to do. I asked a fellow passenger where the ticket machine was and she said 'that (sic) they no longer have them, you need a Myki'.

Again, I felt this rush of panic overcame me. I couldn't get off the tram as I would have been late for my lawyers, yet I didn't have a ticket. Butterflies mounted in my stomach and as the tram neared Federation Square, three stops before I was due to get off, I hopped off the tram and walked straight into a young woman wearing runners and workout gear. She asked if I would like to win a pair of running shoes. I said, "yes". She walked me to a slot machine, I pressed 4 and out came a small box. Inside the box, was a voucher for a $200 pair of #boost Adidas running shoes. I couldn't believe it! What a great start.

Being a marketer, I immediately tweeted the machine, the promotional girls that were hired to do the experiential marketing campaign, the winning box, the shoes - you name it, I tweeted it. 

And now... I am writing about it on this blog. 

What I loved about this campaign:

What is your favorite experiential marketing campaign? Did it make you want to buy more things from that brand?