Midwest Medical Enterprises Brings New Branded Medical Device To Market

A few years ago, I began travelling internationally once a month. While the jet lag had me struggling to keep awake in meetings, it was only secondary to my concern of swollen ankles which eventually extended right up my leg. It would take days to go down and I started experiencing pain that wouldn't go away.

I had a problem.

Through speaking with doctors, I realized that I needed to be more careful about blood clots from all of my travel and the fact that I stay in the same position for long periods of time, without movement.

When Midwest Medical Enterprises inquired about Marketing Eye services through our website, the company really resonated with my own experiences and the need to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). 

Midwest Medical Enterprises is a medical device company that focuses on mechanical prophylaxis for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) prevention, and this week they launched a medical device, Venowave through their corporate division, DVTlite.

When Marketing Eye was engaged, our job was to help their team of sales executives take this new, innovative and light product to market. The fact that more people in the US die from DVT complications annually than breast cancer, HIV, AIDS, and road traffic accidents combined is alarming, yet for some reason, this medical issue falls under the radar.

Richard Parker, the President and CEO of Midwest Medical Enterprises, is a man on a mission. He is passionate about saving lives and helping every day people get access to the latest, high-tech medical device for DVT prevention.

When I first met with Midwest Medical Enterprises, I learned a lot. This new Venowave technology isn't just for those who fly a lot like myself, but has a special ability to migrate with the patient from the time the patient is post-surgery, until the time the patient is at home, participating in every day activities.

From first hand experience, it was easy for Marketing Eye to come up with a brand name that would not only resonate with the market, but clearly define why this cutting edge technology is nothing like other inferior products on the market. I have been wearing the DVTlite product on my calves for two days, and its not intrusive and hasn't impeded on what I do from a day-to-day basis. I hardly feel like it is there.

Here is what we did:

Naming DVTlite:

As a team, we all did intensive research on DVT so that we could totally understand the product and why it is imperative to saving the lives of people, young and old. We also spent a lot of time talking about the sales process and the people behind Midwest Medical Enterprises. The product is unique. I liken it to when Nike brings out a new high-tech solution that supercedes any other product in the market. When it comes to medical devices, it is critical that the name represents what the product actually does. This is a DVT solution, but, unlike others, it is one that every person can wear without feeling like it is intrusive and uncomfortable. The technology is captured in an easy to apply velcro strip, and is so light that you literally do not know that it is there. I personally have worn it under jeans, without the product protruding and interferring with my attire. Alphonso Crawford, is the man behind coming up with the actual brand name DVTlite and with his medical background with a Masters in Medical Science and a Masters in Marketing, he was able to look past the clutter and come up with a brand name that is spot on for the product.

Brand Identity Mark:

Our creative team is exceptional and their vision for the brand and how it should look and feel is not only creative, but something that the market easily identifies with. Led by Brandon Reviere, our Marketing Eye Atlanta Art Director, the brand that was eventually chosen was the very first one designed.

Brand Communications:

When you launch a new brand, it is important that you get 'buy-in' from your team. Marketing Eye developed a presentation to the senior management team of Midwest Medical Enterprises to 'sell' the brand name to key stakeholders. Once it was approved, we commenced developing sales collateral and an interactive website. After these things were finalized, Marketing Eye developed a presentation to launch the brand internally to the entire team which went off with a bang.

If you are concerned about DVT, speak to your Doctor and visit www.dvtlite.com.

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