If nothing changes, nothing changes.

If-nothing-changes-nothing-changesA few months ago, I was walking in the park. Seagulls were flying around above me. It was a weird place for them to be as the park is situated at least 10 kilometres from the ocean.

As I looked up, I decided to capture the moment.

The seagulls flew off and I began to think...

People from all walks of life complain. They complain that there is too little coffee in their cup. That when driving, the lights turn red as they approach. That the meal they just ate wasn't salty enough, wasn't hot enough, wasn't tasty enough.

They complain that people are too happy, too depressing, too egotistical, too quiet, too loud, too successful and sometimes not successful enough.

Mostly, people complain about their lives. They get to a point in their lives where they wake up and realise that something isn't the way they had hoped.

They hate their jobs. Their bosses don't appreciate them. They are out of love with their partners. They have been single for way too long. You name it, there seems to be a reason to complain or to not be 100 percent content with what life has given them. Sometimes rightfully so.

Then hopefully, one day they wake up and realise that "if nothing changes, nothing changes". They themselves actually need to change.

If you keep doing what you've always done, you will always get what you've always gotten.

For instance, if you are in a financial pickle, and you don't change your spending habits, re-finance your loans, roll all your credit card debt into one - you will probably be in the same position in 12 months.

If you dislike your job, but can't push through that constant feeling of discontent or haven't renegotiated with your boss the way you would have liked, then perhaps finding a new career that you are passionate about is the right solution for you.

For those out there that are getting on in the single stakes, and find yourself single or not with a person that you feel is your future partner - then perhaps you need to change. Maybe you personally need to change what you are doing, the actions you take or your thought processes. For many, it may be that you are single because when you have a relationship you always have a backup plan or people that will feed your ego in the background, so you never put the effort into the relationship that you may have otherwise. Perhaps, your standards are too high and you are yet to realise that "nobody is perfect" and neither are you. Maybe you choose the same type of girl or guy each time and then end up with the same result.

That's why when the hottest man in the group who always has women chasing him only falls for someone who is foreign, or totally the opposite of anyone else. Good or bad.

There is a moral to this story and that is to find your passion, improve you being and keep moving forward in life - not backwards.

Capturing the spirit of your life as it should be and taking time to walk in a direction that is positive to your happiness and well being will change your life for the better. If you find that your life resonates any of these above things or that you are unhappy in any way, think about change or what you can do to improve your outcomes.

My good friend Tess uses this saying all the time and it is so true. "If nothing changes, nothing changes".

Does it apply to your life?