How to wear success on your sleeve

how-to-wear-success-on-your-sleeveSuccess means different things to different people. I have said this before in my marketing blogs and I will say it again. To some, it means having a happy and healthy life. Others, it means how much money they make or how the world views their achievements. For me, it is something that I am completely unsure of.

To be honest, I am told often that "I am successful". But the reality is that I don't feel successful. It's a benchmark that for me, I am yet to achieve.

I am not sure what that take on success actually means from a business or personal perspective, but I guess it's hard for me to say that I have achieved what I have set out to achieve in its full enormity. Sure, if I didn't achieve anymore than I have today, I wouldn't die disappointed. Nor would I feel like a failure. But to be truthfully placed in the echelons of "being a success" in the world, I think it would be a stretch.

To me, people use the world successful too often and to loosely for my liking. Women in particular.

I have been travelling for more than 2 weeks in the US and in Europe. Not the "holiday" type of travelling, but one that revolves around investigation and exploration. I haven't been writing on this blog as frequently as I have so in the past, but this is mainly because I have had so much to do and so little time to do it.

Challenged with "wanting to be more than I am today" and "needing to find resolutions to everything and anything", my journey has been both memorable and life changing.

I have made decisions, that I thought I wasn't particularly capable of making. I have changed. I have made the "shift". The future is a path I am walking right now. It's exciting and exhilarating, fun and challenging. There will be no miracles or easy roads to follow. It will require a lot of pulling up my sleeves and getting my hands really dirty.

I will find days of being so inspired, sleep will not come my way. I will be exhausted beyond belief. I will meet new people and embrace the differences between them and myself. And I will open myself up to being that step closer to realising my dreams. Maybe a step closer to being what I would consider a "success".

It's not often that we have the opportunity to explore ourselves in an honest way that helps us make better choices and follow a direction that we consider worthy.

There have been many occurances that have helped me make better decisions;

What this blog is about is being successful. If you think that you are successful, I think that is great. If you don't, then that is good too. If you don't give a sh** about being successful, then that's ok as well. You see, we all are on our own journeys, exploring this world and our own lives. It's important that we don't focus on what other people think but what we ourselves think of ourselves and our own measures of success. Life can be taken way from you in a second. Appreciating it and savouring every minute, like its your last, will only bring you closer to being forever happy. Not trying to be like the Jones' and working through what you want in this world and out of your life, is the only way to be on a path that revolves around happiness and success.

I think I am on this path and that at the end, I will look back and be grateful for the journey I am taking. I have stepped up to the plate and risks are definately something I am not only willing to take, but am excited by. Let's see where the world takes us - huh?