From Amsterdam to Melbourne

Travel AmsterdamEver travelled on a long haul flight and got off feeling like you have just gone on a holiday, rather than overcome with jet lag? It is a rarity, let me assure you, but I have to say, I have had the most pleasant surprise flying with Ethiad from Amsterdam to Melbourne.

Cosharing with local Netherlands carrier, KLM, the experience of travelling with Ethiad has been nothing short of exceptional.
When I checked in, my luggage was slightly over. Rather than an abrupt response from the KLM representative, he kindly said, if you take out one shoe, you will meet the regulations. Instead, only days earlier, I was flying Delta from Atlanta to Amsterdam, and after waiting for 45 minutes for the Delta representative at checkin to find my booking in which I had a printed and confirmed document with all details on it for them to view, the rude and obnoxious Delta representative smugly told me that I had to pay $100 for oversized luggage. When I divulged deeper into how much it was over, I was told only a few pound. Wouldn't you want a customer spending thousands on a trip to know that by taking out a heavy winter jacket, they would be able to get their luggage to the regulations weight? On top of that, waiting 45 minutes through no fault of my own, did not come with an apology for having to wait or any explanation that was satisfactory. Delta Airlines could learn a lot from their Arab and European counterparts.

Back to my experience. I hadn't flown Ethiad before and at checkin, the gentleman recommended that I join the loyalty program as I was flying business class and I would get points and it would assist in the future when I fly with them again. Great tip!
As a coshare flight, I walked into the shared lounged with KLM and was amazed at the size of the room. I am sure it is one of the biggest I have seen. People were polite and offered me a seat almost immediately. There was no pre tense. I had a coffee, enjoyed a pastry and awaited my flight ahead.

On the flight with KLM, they couldn't do enough for me. Overly polite and genuine in their approach, I felt welcomed and as if I was an important customer to them. On top of that, when I was leaving, they give you a momento that you have just flown from Amsterdam in the form of china statue of a building. As I left the plane, a host came up to me and said "did you enjoy your sleep Ms Smith?" You bet I did and I enjoyed it even more that you asked. I hadn't met the gentleman before, nor did I expect him to inquire or know my name but clearly he is in the business of ensuring that he knows his customers.

The flight from Amsterdam to Melbourne is only 22 hours flying Ethiad. I know to many that this seems like a long flight, but let me assure you, it is reasonable particularly when you look at similar flights from other airlines.

The short stop-over at Abu Dhabi was not tiresome or difficult in any way. The airport is something that every person should see because it looks amazing - like something out of a space age movie.

Then, my experience just got better. I took my 11K seat in business class, to find the seat is a full flat bed, with the most comfortable blanket of any airline I have ever been in. The hostesses were overly accommodating and I had three come up to me before we took off to say if there is anything they can do for me to make my flight more enjoyable, please let them know.

I sit here, writing about this experience, with a fresh mint tea, enjoying the comfortable space in which I sit and thanking the universe for giving me such a pleasant flying experience.