Hug in Thailand

hug-in-thailandA campaign that started in 2010 to 'hug in Thailand' is so apt, because all you need to do is get off the plane and realize that the country just makes you happy and all you want do is 'hug' the people who are so ridiculously friendly, that it brings out an emotion that most of us never thought possible.

For the highly strung business person who is stressed beyond belief, there truly is no better country in the world, to lay by the beach and soak up the suns rays without a care in the world.

Within minutes, you will forget the stresses of business and life and nothing will matter other than ordering another cocktail and eating the delicious food that is on offer.

According to blogger Adam Erace from

There are three lavish Thai hotels really take Thailand's inherent welcoming and service to another level: the Four Seasons Resort, Koh Samiu; Peninsula Bangkok; and the Rayavadee Resort. Each resort sits in wildly differing locales—the legendary beaches of Koh Samui, the bustling city-scape of Bangkok, and the secluded and scuba-friendly Andaman coast—but they all share the Thai passion for full-tilt luxury service.

For those who want to healthy experience, then you really cannot go past the world-famous Shiva Som resort. Not only is Shiva Som the go-to-place for the rich and famous, it will give you an experience like no other. On top of that, their food is simply 'to die for'.

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