The most successful people, don't tell

The-most-successful-people-dont-tellHave you ever noticed that the most successful people don't talk about how good they are?

In business, I am constantly meeting people who tell me how great they are. Women that sprout, "I won this award and that" and men that tell you how much money they want you to think they make.

On Facebook, I see all day long, people posting the works of their publicists in the media that may be no relevance to their friends and often an embellished version of the facts. Yet, they do it time and time again. They want you to think and believe that they are successful. Yet the word successful is such an ambiguous word. It is only relevant to an individual and cannot really be defined by a story in a newspaper or a monetary transaction.

The people I know that are truly successful, don't tell you that they are. You know by the fact that they listen to everything you say and ask the right questions. They treat everyone as equals regardless of whether they are cleaners in their houses or the President of the United States.

They don't talk about their private jets, big boats or unbelievable homes. Instead, they ask you about you. They are as interested in what you are achieving as they are about what they are doing. They know by asking the right questions and learning about others around them, they too may walk away with an idea or two that may change the landscape in some way.

Many successful people I know don't drive the latest motor vehicles or even fly in private jets for that matter. But they may have a nice house, or take holidays with their families. They tend to work long hours and navigate balance - which is hard to achieve as we all know.

Do you know successful people like this?