How a PR team got it right with Donna Hay

How-a-PR-team-got-it-right-with-Donna-HayFor 2 minutes I had to check my facebook account to see if I had access to a client's administration from my log-in and up pops a post from Donna Hay. For those of you that sleep under a rock, Donna Hay is probably the most famous and incredible Australian Chef around.

I met her a few years back at the launch of David Jones new refurbishment in Brisbane Mall which I attended with my good friend Sami Lukis.

We chatted and I was so surprised by how nice she was. Seriously, this woman is incredibly nice. I know most people would not want for someone to call them 'nice' but she was. She had sent Sami a Scanpan a few weeks earlier which was a complete waste as her cooking skills are incredibly limited to a salad however, I am hoping she has improved since then.

Anyway, today, up pops this picture of a box of Porcini Mushrooms either sent from a smart PR person or by the Mushroom company themselves. Of course, Donna posts it on all of her social media outlets and no doubt we will see it popping up in her Magazine aptly titled Donna Hay or any of her other media jobs that she performs so brilliantly.

I noticed that a truffle was included. How delicious! I just brought back to Australia a bottle of L'Olivere truffle oil to use in pasta and it is serious so yummy that I dream about it all day. If I keep eating pasta like I am I will be incredibly fat!

Noteworthy, 186 people liked the picture within minutes and I am sure their exposure will be well worth the investment. Great work PR's and/or Mushroom company!